Whom do the idols idolize?Lei Jun, the CEO of Android handset and OS maker Xiaomi, is arguably the face of tech entrepreneurship in China as a long-time angel investor and serial entrepreneur behind companies like Amazon-acquired Joyo.cn and the recently IPO'd YY.He's been called the "Steve Jobs of China" in the sense that Xiaomi is an integrated hardware and software maker that has altered Andro
The war for gamers is heating up with BlueStacks' introduction of GamePop, a system that will allow users to play thousands of mobile gaming apps on a TV screen. The GamePop custom console and game controller are being offered free through the end of May to subscribers who sign up for the $6.99 per month service. Gamers can preorder the system now, with the console expected to ship in the winter.
It’s only a matter of time before Twitter releases its own Google Glass app, as Kleiner Perkins’ John Doerr dropped the hint that the company was looking into building one during this month’s Glass Collective announcement. A tweet from an official Twitter Glass app has been spotted, interestingly enough by the gentleman who brought you the first unofficial Twitter app, GlassTwee
Google cannot be forced to delete sensitive information from its search index, a key advisor to the European Court of Justice said. The opinion was prompted by a case in Spain claiming that Google should remove outdated financial details about an individual. That case was filed in 2009 by a Spanish man who complained about Google linking him to a report detailing his debts.
Baidu posted double-digit percentage revenue growth in 1Q2013--but its earnings still missed analysts' expectations as the Chinese search giant's costs soared.
Google isn't about search, apps, or devices. Those are just vehicles, and there's no destination. That's because Larry Page's Google is on an unending pursuit of the future, not just next quarter's earnings. The scattershot of projects Google revealed today at I/O had just one unifying factor: They further that pursuit, or empower the curiosity of others.
Voxer is making its entrance into the business world with a set of new high-end features for its walkie-talkie style, push-to-talk service.Voxer Pro and Voxer Pro For Business run on Android and iOS devices just as with the standard service.If unfamiliar, the Voxer service is an app for sending voice and text messages. Download the app, import your contacts and then start sending messages.
LinkedIn, now at 225 million users, continues to introduce more features to its site to keep people returning to the it and staying there for longer. Today it's the turn of LinkedIn Today, its social news page, which is getting a new feature called Channels. The feature is rolling out starting today to English-speaking users. LinkedIn says that it plans to announce the service formally on Wednesd
A company in India has developed a smartphone for the blind. The device will be equipped to read text messages and emails, and it will then convert the text to Braille. It will utilize shape memory alloy technology, which exploits a metal's ability to "remember" its original shape. The phone's screen is not a screen so much as a grid of pins that move up and down to form Braille characters.
Today's three-hour-long Google I/O keynote came with plenty of announcements, but the company mostly assured us that it is focused on building frameworks that can benefit developers and consumers.We saw a more unified company that needed three hours in one session to get their message across. Breaking today's keynote up into two days would have disrupted the momentum coming out of a company that

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