Talk about a heart-stopping plunge.
Investigators are attempting to determine what caused a family of five to die in their own home Saturday.
A Northern California judge ruled Wednesday against a Silicon Valley billionaire who had shut down public access to a beach beloved by surfers and swimmers, ordering him to reopen his private road to the beach.
President Barack Obama acknowledged that U.S. intelligence agencies underestimated the threat from Islamic State militants and overestimated the ability and will of Iraq's army to fight.
President Obama acknowledges that US agencies underestimated the threat posed by the Islamist insurgency in Syria.
A Massachusetts child rape suspect fled after cutting off his GPS monitoring bracelet, then -- days later -- returned home, beat and tied up a relative, and sped off again with a gun, police say.
New York TimesCrackdown on Protests by Hong Kong Police Draws More to the StreetsNew York TimesHONG KONG — Downtown Hong Kong turned into a battlefield of tear gas and seething crowds on Sunday after the police moved against a student democracy protest, inciting public fury that brought tens of thousands of people onto the streets of a city long ...Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters clog cit
A BRAVE woman has used a camera hidden underneath her burqa to reveal life is under the iron fist of ISIS. It’s not just men with guns, here everyone is armed.
Even as U.S. airstrikes continued to pound Islamic State positions in Syria, Kurdish fighters told the terror organization was advancing on the Syrian town of Kobani, where as many as 400,000 residents and refugees are holed up.
They staged the civil disobedience in protest over a conservative-led school board proposal to focus history education on topics that promote citizenship, patriotism and respect for authority.

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