The fine folks who run the school system in Lincoln, Neb., are on a campaign to make their classrooms gender-inclusive. And that means teachers will no longer refer to boys and girls … as boys and girls.
Chancellor George Osborne warns in a BBC interview that the UK economy will be affected by the slowdown in the eurozone economy.
The alleged leader of Mexico's powerful Juarez drug cartel, Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, has been arrested, officials say.
Arrivals to the UK from areas hit by Ebola face "enhanced screening" as officials investigate if the death of a British man in Macedonia is connected to the virus.
US-led air strikes on the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobane seem to have stalled an IS advance, as reports say the militants have lost ground.
Labour holds the Greater Manchester seat of Heywood and Middleton in a by-election, but with its majority slashed by UKIP.
The news that a Spanish woman has contracted the Ebola virus has raised questions about what went wrong in the treatment of two patients evacuated from West Africa to Madrid, allowing the potentially deadly disease to spread from person-to-person outside Africa for the first time in this outbreak.
The Burmese migrants accused of the murder of two British tourists on the Thai resort island of Koh Tao have retracted their confessions, according to Burmese media.
At least 47 people were killed by an explosion at an anti-government protest by Houthis in Yemen's capital on Thursday, the Yemen health ministry said Thursday -- marking just the latest violence during weeks of sectarian and political strife in the country.
With Kim Jong Un out of sight, North Korean officials go on a rare publicity blitz. Why?

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