SHE was one of the biggest children’s TV stars in the 1990s, but not many people know who was actually behind the famous Mulligrubs mouth ... until now.
DO YOU want the bad news, or the bad news? Your household bills are tipped to increase by up to $400 a year — and nobody can do anything about it.
LUKE Batty’s father told ambulance workers to let him die after he killed his 11-year-old son at a Victorian cricket oval during a custody visit.
Former “American Idol” contestant Joanne Borgella died on Saturday at the age of 32 from cancer.
A group of extended family members of Adam Laxalt, the Republican nominee for attorney general in Nevada, have written a public letter urging voters to pick Laxalt’s Democratic opponent.
Teachers in Wisconsin's public schools have learned a major lesson from the state's landmark 2011 law neutering public sector unions, with more than a third dropping out of their labor organization.
William Pooley, the British nurse who contracted Ebola while volunteering in West Africa, returns to Sierra Leone to work at a hospital.
Society is paying a "shocking" price for poor mental health care for pregnant women and new mothers in the UK, a report says.
Should a convicted rapist, who has served their time in prison, be allowed to resume their old job?
A shark attacked a 13-year-old surfer off the coast of Australia. Seven Network reports.

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